Affordable All Inclusive Caribbean Vacations : Review Article

Get Marry in Caribbean

For those who dream of getting married in the sand on a dream beach and have a large budget, the Dominican Republic seems to be the preferred destination. With its large luxury hotels, villas, luxurious marinas and golf courses near the beach, many couples do not hesitate to fly to the Caribbean with their guests to say yes in the tropics. Result: it is a very lucrative market for the island since it brings back nearly 1 million euros per year! The Dominican Republic attracts many people in connection with its cultural attractions, dream beaches and iconic places like Punta Cana and Puerto Plata. ABERD’s marketing director did not hesitate to stress that the Dominican Republic must continue to develop romantic tourism, in addition to all the other activities that attract a well-off clientele and businesses such as golf tournaments and conferences. professional. More information on the Tendance Hôtellerie website.

Affordable All Inclusive Caribbean Vacations : Guide for Tourists

TRAVEL TIPS: Which island to choose for a trip to the Caribbean?

The dozens of islands scattered throughout the Caribbean are an archipelago of remarkable diversity. Vibrant Jamaica has little in common with Aruba, stormed by tour groups. Even the very close islands, such as Saint Kitts and Nevis, are very different, both in appearance and in tourism potential. How can one go about choosing one of these innumerable islands?

Large or small, near or far, civilized or wild – all considerations that can transform the choice of a carefree holiday into a terrible chore. Fortunately for you, this little guide to the Caribbean islands will simplify your task. Here is a brief overview of the most popular islands, which takes into account the strengths of each.

Affordable All Inclusive Caribbean Vacations : Tips and Advices


The main quality of Aruba, an arid and almost untouched island off the coast of Venezuela, is this ribbon of beaches lined with high-class complexes and assorted shopping malls with familiar restaurants and bars.

Perfect for: vacations requiring no reflection.

The Bahamas

Focusing all Caribbean diversity within a microcosm close to the United States, the 700 islands of the Bahamas have secluded retreats and gleaming mega-complexes.

Perfect for: visitors who like to go from island to island; diving and party enthusiasts; Americans long for a getaway nearby.

The Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman is reminiscent of southern Florida, except that it is more orderly and less affected by traffic. In addition to the privileged tax regime, the island offers horse-riding complexes and famous spots for diving, snorkeling and bathing in the company of rays of stingrays.
Perfect for: water sports; a carefree holiday in a country like the 51st American state.

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