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The most Gallic country of the Caribbean, Martinique is not obsessed with tourism and has a large capital with Fort-de-France. Visitors going on excursions will be rewarded with secluded beaches.

Perfect for: splendid and secluded beaches; hiking in the countryside.

St. Kitts

Comrade Nevis, St. Kitts has large hotels and a flourishing property park. She’s just big enough for an entertaining day trip, which includes the vast fortress of Brimstone Hill, a remnant of pirates’ time.

Perfect for: a comfortable stay; excursions to Nevis; learn the language of pirates.

All Inclusive Caribbean Cruises : Review and Information


Beaches, beautiful complexes and lush wooded hills: these are the three great qualities of St. Lucia, long-cherished by the French and honeymooners of all nationalities. Marine and terrestrial activities are plethoric.

Perfect for: lovers of diving, snorkeling, hiking and kite surfing; nature lovers; travelers in search of luxury.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

The typical Grenadine experience is to embark on a fishing boat for a stroll between the islands lined with beaches (or rent a boat yourself). St. Vincent, the main island, is mostly rainforest, while the small and idyllic Bequia is the star of this peaceful archipelago.

Perfect for: boat and dive enthusiasts; explorers ; visitors without a schedule.


This large and dynamic island eclipses its neighbor Tobago. Trinidad bathes in Creole culture and knows how to party. The highlight of its calendar: one of the largest carnivals in the world.

Perfect for: an annual celebration at the height of the carnival of Rio.

All Inclusive Caribbean Cruises : Tips and Advices


The tiny neighbor of Trinidad offers all that is missing from her great neighbor: pristine nature, intriguing complexes, as well as marine and land activities.

Perfect for: classic beach holidays but in peace; diving ; bird watching

Turkey and Caicos

Here, many small islands with perfect beaches and turquoise waters just waiting to be discovered. No place is ever stormed, even world class dive sites.

Perfect for: lovers of diving, boating, lazing on the beach, and relaxing retreats on the sand.

US Virgin Islands

First Caribbean stop for many Americans, this archipelago offers all the comfort of the United States – as well as familiar names. If Saint-Thomas is more commercial, Saint-Jean and Sainte-Croix have more assets in terms of nature and culture.

Perfect for: mega-complex fans; nature lovers; lovers of American culture.

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