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In Martinique, there is the sky, the sun and the sea … and so much more. Postcard Island Martinique is full of unsuspected treasures..

On the island, the most famous places, those which make the happiness of the tourists, are mainly in the south. But we must also go a little further north in the bay of François. With water up to the waist, it is good, just off the boat, sip a planter just prepared. According to the legend, it is here “the bath of Josephine”, in memory of the child of the country, Josephine de Beauharnais, born Tascher of La Pagerie, future empress of the French, even if it has never been proved that she was there one day bathed … Whatever, here, we like the beautiful stories.

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And we can cross many others over the walks. It is sometimes enough to make a stop in a commune and to chat at random meetings. Follow the small winding roads that will take you to discover sumptuous landscapes. Cross an exuberant rainforest, admire the fields of sugar cane whose forelock bends nicely under the breath of the trade winds, visit one of these last houses of master, inheritance of past centuries. Through the narrow streets of Fort-de-France, here are some ancient monuments with remarkable architecture: the Schœlcher library with its colorful facade, the Saint-Louis cathedral, the old town hall.

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Do not miss the indoor market and its colorful assortment of mangoes, carambola and cinnamon apples. For the more adventurous, the climb of Mount Pelee, which dominates the city of Saint-Pierre from the height of its 1,397 meters, is essential. If the volcano is calm now, we remember that its eruption, May 8, 1902, wiped out the city, to the wipe off the map of municipalities. Here it is today rebuilt and alive.

In Martinique, the smile of the inhabitants is everywhere. In the shade of a mango tree or on the terrace of your hotel, a glass of rum amber in hand, you will enjoy reading them.

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