All Inclusive Caribbean Vacation Packages : Detailed Review

A first city called “La Habana” was founded in 1514 by the Spanish conquistador Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar, on the south coast of the island of Cuba. It was only a few years later that it migrated to its current location at the strategic entrance to the Gulf of Mexico. A leading port, a privileged target for privateers, the colonial city shaped the fortifications during the following centuries, which gave it its majestic empire-like appearance, overlooking the turquoise Caribbean waters. French, English and Spanish, all competed for the fiery island and covered it with remarkable buildings that delight the visitor strolling today in the streets of “Habana Vieja”.

All Inclusive Caribbean Vacation Packages : Tips and Advices

Coffee, rum, sugar or even tobacco … Havana is a land of plenty that never ceases to arouse envy. In the twentieth century, it shines a shameless success and forges a sulphurous image. A strong character, a taste for party, dance and music make the Cuban capital a paradise for travelers from North America and Europe who come to bet and encanailler. Romance to perfection, the city becomes the adopted homeland of Ernest Hemingway, who can no longer do without his sweet cocktails and feverish passions that the tropics bring to life. Thus was and remains the quintessence of Havana, bewitching to a thousand colors and scents. In the paintings of his artists, in the fire of his spirits, in the winding alleys of its historic center or the modern buildings of its waterfront, Havana is at once indomitable, welcoming, joyous, radiant and bathed in sweetness. live.

All Inclusive Caribbean Vacation Packages : Detailed Information

Also combative, it is marked with the seal of the victory of Fidel Castro and his Movement of 26-July. From this Cuban revolution, a series of values ​​and numerous “Che” posters remain. But the island is in full change: Cuba communist reopened at the end of 2015 to US citizens, de facto setting a crucial era for its tourism. Without waiting for the myriad of establishments that will open shortly under its inviting climate, Havana offers a superb stopover of authentic change of scenery. Feel the sensual rhythm of “Salsa Cubana” and take the pulse of this flamboyant capital, always ready to change your face without ever losing your soul.

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