All Inclusive Caribbean Vacation Packages: Review Article

The vast Jamaica, which seems to concentrate all the Caribbean clichés – inhabitants descending beers on Bob Marley background – contains complexes ranging from luxurious to screaming, and a characteristic urban culture.

Perfect for: spicy cooking and music; the seaside resort holidays; a stay between city and nature; a quick getaway from the United States.

Porto Rico

The historic San Juan is one of the highlights of the region. Buzzing with activity, this grand colonial city of Puerto Rico boasts expansive beachfront complexes, casinos, tangible heritage and a rich Hispanic culture.

Perfect for: holidays that are not limited to the sun and the beach, all with a touch of American culture.

All Inclusive Caribbean Vacation Packages : Detailed Information

Saint Martin

Two distinct cultures – Dutch and French – share this lively island of relatively modest size. Like the brain, these two hemispheres shine more globally than individually. The French offer a discreet holiday while the Dutch party.

Perfect for: vacations in medium-class accommodation; excursions to the heart of French, Dutch and Creole culture; the craziest airport bar on the planet.


Among the countless beaches struggling to set the standard for exoticism, the representatives of this tiny island provide a definitive answer. Modest area, welcoming local culture and luxurious villas scattered all around.

Perfect for: holidays combining luxury and discretion; tranquility.

All Inclusive Caribbean Vacation Packages : Travel Guide


The many small beaches that surround this medium-sized island are dotted with complexes, big or small, modest or luxurious. English Harbor offers parties to boat lovers and an interesting colonial heritage.

Perfect for: complex stays with a handful of excursions.


Welcome to Rihanna’s hometown. Amazing right? British accents are legion on this pretty island of medium size, on the extreme edge of the Atlantic. This truly welcoming island is dotted with beaches ideal for surfing, windsurfing, budget-minded beachgoers and people who like to dress for dinner.

Perfect for: all purses; outdoor activities; the owners of linen suit.


Among the most interesting islands of the Southern Caribbean, the tiny Bonaire is famous for its spectacular dive sites. In addition, it has a fascinating history and, with Kralendijk, a charming capital that can be explored on foot.

Perfect for: diving enthusiasts; travelers on a modest budget; travelers who like to visit but moderately.

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