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Caribbean sun, white sand beaches, turquoise sea, but not only … welcome to Guadeloupe! In this exotic archipelago located some 7000 kilometers from metropolitan France.

Guadeloupe, a narrow territory cradled by the Caribbean Sea, the Lesser Antilles. Several islands under the same banner with very contrasting and wild landscapes. The largest, posed like a butterfly in the middle of the water, is called “Karukera” in Native American. It is the most astonishing, as much by its relief and its exuberant nature as by the diversity of its beaches.

All Inclusive Family Resorts Caribbean : Detailed Information

The Grande Terre – the right wing of the butterfly, flat and arid – is the most touristic part with the most beautiful beaches. Shores of blond sand, lined with coconut trees and bathed in crystal clear water. It’s a paradise for divers and water sports enthusiasts. Most hotels are located on its coast, including Gosier, St. Anne, St. Francis and the Pointe des Chateaux. Not far from there, Pointe-à-Pitre forms the head of this beautiful butterfly. Basse-Terre, mountainous and green, forms the left wing. A real lush garden of Eden where enthroned the volcano of Soufrière. You are here in the kingdom of hikers in the national park of Guadeloupe, covered with a rainforest with waterfalls, vertiginous falls and trails lined with trees millennia. Unmissable, its black sand beaches.

All Inclusive Family Resorts Caribbean : Tips and Advices

A few nautical knots, the southern islands poetic names of Marie-Galante, Petite-Terre, The Desirade, the Saintes, evoke enchanting lagoons, a protected fauna and a preserved nature. The reserve of Petite-Terre is the paradise of the iguanas. Marie-Galante, famous for its beaches and rum, offers a rise in time, far from mass tourism. Desirade, often compared to the island of Robinson Crusoe, cultivates the calm, the paradisiac beaches and the desert landscapes. In Les Saintes, the show is grandiose on one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

You will be amazed by so much beauty and diversity. Lazing for some, sport for others or exploration for some. Happiness under a temperature of 27ºC and water at 25ºC all year round. So, ready to go?

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