All Inclusive Resorts United States : Detailed Review


Two countries on the same island, two different moods. On one side, France and its art of living soft and calm. On the other, the exuberance and nocturnal madness of the Netherlands. St. Martin, an experience with background white sand beaches.

Due to the events that occurred in September 2017, some of the information and places mentioned may temporarily become irrelevant. Regular updates will be made. We give all our support to the inhabitants of Saint-Martin.

All Inclusive Resorts United States for Tourists

St. Martin, called “Friendly Island”, is an atypical island. With an area of ​​87 km2, it welcomes no less than 120 different nationalities and shares its territory between two countries. A dual nationality for such a small territory is a strange paradox for an island whose only wealth is the whiteness of its beaches and the transparency of its waters.

On one side, there is St. Martin, an overseas community belonging to France. On the other, St. Maarten, an autonomous state of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands. Both coexist on the same island, bordered by the waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, but each territory has its own government, its laws, its health system and even its electrical system.

Two diametrically opposite atmospheres and a single circular route on this island. A few kilometers further, a sign tells us that we have just entered Holland. No border guard, nor need of passport to cross. Here is the free movement of European populations in the middle of the West Indies. Sometimes Dutch, sometimes French, Saint-Martin is above all international.

All Inclusive Resorts United States : Tips and Advices

Frequented by an American clientele attracted by its climate and its lagoons, the island has kept its Creole charm, despite the tourist success. Wooden houses from Cul-de-Sac to the hiking trails of the peak of Paradise, islets of nature and authenticity make this island the pearl of the West Indies. Dutch side, the frame is metamorphosed and English wins the bet.

More people, more noise, more agitation. The architecture changes with big buildings that impose. The streets are already showing a large number of low-cost stores with loud displays. Watches, jewelry, high-tech materials, photos attract tourists with their discounts.

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