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8 activities to share with family in Havana

With a friendly and friendly nature, Cubans warmly welcome families. With its squares, its permanent animation and its castles, Havana is a great playground for your children.

Old Havana, an animated colonial museum

Do not be surprised by the complicit glances, the gestures of spontaneous affection and the little attentions towards your toddlers. Cubans love children. You stay at La Colonial 1861, a friendly guest house located in the residential and green area of ​​Vedado. This typical Cuban accommodation offers you precious moments of life with the family that welcomes you. Your little tribe is ready to discover Havana.

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Direction Habana Vieja, the historic area classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You evolve in a striking scenery of beauty. During your stroll in these pedestrian streets full of life parade sumptuous Spanish buildings, pastel and ribbed, baroque and neoclassical palaces, convents, massive stone churches. At the corner of a street, a live band invites your children to jiggle on Afro-Cuban rhythms. Further on, they marvel at the passage of a carnivalesque troupe mounted on stilts. When Plaza Vieja appears, they feel their wings grow. While you admire the balconies crafted colorful buildings, they socialize with young Cubans, play hide and seek and improvise a game of football between the arcades.

The Colonial 1861

Calle 10




+53 5 37 8301861

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Cocoa flavors at the Maison du chocolat

Between Amargura and Mercaderes streets, a colonial house open to the outside exhales an irresistible aroma cocoa. You all agree to share a gourmet break at the Museo del Chocolate. Inside this chocolate museum, a little didactic tour explains the history of chocolate, its establishment in Cuba under the impetus of French from Haiti and its culture in Baracoa, in the east of the island.

In the back of the shop, a team in white coats prepares artisan chocolates 100% pure cocoa butter. Gluttony makes you let go. To give pleasure to your little wolverines, you offer them animal-shaped ones, and enjoy together a cup of milk chocolate, accompanied by biscuits.

Museo del Chocolate

Calle Amargura



+53 7 86 64 431

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