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Have fun with Cuban music and dance

After this little sweet treat, go share a moment of culture in the Palacio del Segundo Cabo which stands north of the Plaza de Armas. This majestic baroque and neo-classical palace houses a fantastic interactive space: the Cuba-Europe Cultural Relations Interpretation Center. The visit of this new museum, the most modern of Havana, fascinates young and old alike.

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Linger in the rooms recounting five centuries of intercultural exchange between the largest island of the Caribbean and the Old Continent. Your children have a great time on the touch screens of the space dedicated to Cuban music and dance. A software allows them to choose the instruments with which they create a piece of music. On another screen, they observe the footsteps of a flamenco or ballet dancer, have fun imitating him, and then receive an evaluation of their skill in the reproduced dance. Take the opportunity to learn more about Cuban composers, singers, choreographers, bands and dancers.

Palacio del Segundo Cabo

O’Reilly no. 4, esq Tacón

Plaza de Armas



+53 7 801 71 76

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Play pirates of the Caribbean

Just a stone’s throw from the Place d’Armes, discover the real Caribbean pirates at the Castillo de la Real Fuerza, the oldest fort in America. You will recognize this old fortress by the weather vane, called the Giraldilla, which overhangs it. You enter a military building built in the sixteenth century by the Spanish to protect the city from maritime attacks by pirates and privateers, including the formidable Francis Drake. Explore its mysterious labyrinths with massive, historical walls, and enjoy the treasures of galleons sunk in Havana’s harbor before contemplating the panoramic view of the city. At the entrance of the port stands the imposing Fortress of Cabaña. At each end of the day there is the solemn “Cañonazo”. Impressed by the actors dressed as eighteenth-century soldiers orchestrating this ceremony, your children do not lose a crumb of the show.

Castillo de la Real Fuerza




+53 7 8615010

Iced pleasure with the scents of the tropics

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