Belize Vacation Packages Caribbean : Detailed Information

In the tropical heat of Havana, nothing like a good sorbet to cool off. Rather than queue in front of classic addresses, prefer one of the small glaciers of Old Havana that opened lately. For your break, head to Helad’Oro. This shop held by a Franco-Cuban couple will tempt you with its artisanal fabrications based on fresh products and never too sweet. Guava, sapote, pineapple, mango, coconut … The variety of tropical perfumes stuns you. Finally, your choice is on two soursop balls mojito.


Aguiar 206



+53 5 6236942

Belize Vacation Packages Caribbean : Tips for the Tourists

The Malecon aboard an old American car

In the warm light of the end of the day, go through the Malecon in the back of a beautiful American convertible car. This walk along the eight kilometers of Havana’s legendary maritime boulevard is a must. Head to Capitol Square to choose your Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick or Cadillac with gleaming chrome and acid colors. Negotiate the price before boarding this carefully maintained collection vehicle for decades. A family photo on the back seat and off to an exhilarating ride on a sunset background. On one side, there are sumptuous restored palaces, on the other are scenes of Cuban daily life, with these musicians working on their compositions in front of passers-by and couples facing the sea. Lulled by the purring of the engine, inhaling the sea air, you share this moment out of time which will remain a highlight of your trip.

El Capitolio



+53 7 8603411

Belize Vacation Packages Caribbean

Small train and roller coaster at Parque Lenin

Havanese families usually spend their weekends in an out-of-the-way place: Parque Lenin, a huge 670-hectare park, located 20 km south of the city. Discovering this large area of ​​recreation with certain charm, your children jump at your neck. Between attractions, the aquarium and a thousand activities of all kinds, they do not know where to turn. A 9 km ride aboard a small steam train, formerly used to transport sugar, gives you an idea of ​​the extent of the park. Swap this iron horse against a real mount that you rent at the equestrian center. All in the saddle for a ride on horseback between palms, cedars and araucarias of the park. The elder asks for his dose of adrenaline? You sacrifice yourself by accompanying him for a roller coaster ride. Your little girl wants a show. Never mind, a performance of the puppet theater begins in a few moments.

Lenin Park

Avenida 5ta y 68



+53 7 7442722

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